• October 24The Notre Dame varsity football team will take on Palatine in the first round of the IHSA 8A state playoffs this Saturday, October 29 at 2 pm.

Fallout 4

Tim Covelli, Pubs Staff

February 22, 2016

Filed under Gaming

“War never Changes.” With the spike of great games that recently came out, Fallout 4 seems to be the greatest when it comes to the single player experience. This is the newest title within this five game franchise. It expands...

Gaming: Not As Bad As You Think

William Glomski, Pubs Staff

February 18, 2016

Filed under Gaming, Opinion

Many people claim that video games have negative effects, and some parents take these reports to the extreme and don't let their kids even touch games like Tetris. Last time I checked, I don’t remember Tetris’ nefarious u...

Madden Mobile Tips

Madden Mobile Tips

November 4, 2014

Madden 15 scores a touchdown

Paul Goerner, Staff Writer

October 26, 2014

Filed under A&E, Gaming

One of the newest video games to be released was Madden 15, the newest edition to the NFL gaming franchise. Since the concept of the game cannot and will not change, players look for improvements in the game-play and graphics....

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