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Trump Appoints Pence and DeVos

Anthony Morgan, Pubs Staff

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As of the past couple of weeks, President-Elect Donald Trump has been solidifying his cabinet with new nominations every few days. Aside from his running mate and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, one of the picks for the Trump cabinet is Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.

While most, if not all, of the people in the country know who Mike Pence is, they don’t know what his tenure in politics was like. Graduating from Hanover College and the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, Mike Pence moved on to being elected to Congress in the year 2000. The next year began his tenure as the chairman of the House of Representatives, spanning from 2001 to 2013. Known for being a heavy supporter of the coal industry, this was one of the strong beliefs he carried into when becoming the governor of his home state, Indiana, in 2012. During his time as governor, Pence had made great strides to lower the state’s tax, implementing major tax cuts throughout his time as governor while being able to successfully maintain the state’s budget by keeping it below the line of inflation. While this did release a lot of money and open up competition with neighboring states, Governor Pence did do some things that notoriously stand out in his resume. Signing the Religious Freedom Act put him on the front lines in the fight against LGBTQ equality, making him an enemy to the community. Within the act, citizens were allowed to discriminate against LGBTQ citizens of services because of their religious views. Along with this sore-thumb legislation, Pence also released H.B. 1337, a law that restricted women of their right to abortion based on the fetus’ race, gender, or any fetal abnormalities. To many Liberal supporting people, Mike Pence has become an enemy that they will fear for the oncoming four years.

Trump’s pick for the Secretary of Education was revealed to be Betsy DeVos. Known for her strong views on educational reform and school choice, DeVos is presumed to impact the Trump administration. One notable cause that she campaigns for is school vouchers; in essence the vouchers will let students attend private schools with public funding. Serving as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party from 1996 to 2000, DeVos has had a foot in the Republican party, making her Trump’s top choice for Secretary of Education. Before becoming the pick, however, DeVos supported Marco Rubio in the race for nominee, calling Trump an “interloper that does not represent the Republican Party. “Trump’s decision to choose her for his cabinet, shows that even Trump is willing to work with others. From The Washington Post: “Trump’s embrace of DeVos shows a willingness to look outside his circle of loyalists.”

With her stance on education choices, she has garnered the support of many prominent Republican politicians, including Illinois’ own Governor Bruce Rauner. From the Chicago Tribune, Governor Rauner stated that DeVos is “a very talented and very passionate education advocate.” Along with saying “I do know Betsy DeVos, I have great respect for her,” and “I think she’s a very talented and very passionate education advocate. And I personally am a believer in school choice. And I look forward to working together.” With this outpouring of support from Governor Rauner, this puts Chicago Public Schools in jeopardy, since Rauner supports and agrees with Secretary DeVos’ ideas for school choice and vouchers. Taking away what little money the Chicago Public Schools have, and allowing students to attend private schools with public school money causes major problems, despite President-Elect Trump’s promise to reform educational systems in the country.

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Trump Appoints Pence and DeVos