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A Journey through the Life of a Hesburgh Scholar

Dan Weber, Pubs Staff

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The typical response when hearing the words “Oh, he’s a Hesburgh Scholar,” is usually something about how his entire life revolves around school work or being a certified genius. I would like to set the record straight and say that this is incorrect. We actually do participate in all sorts of activities and some of us have to grind through our school work everyday. With that being said the Hesburgh Scholars program at Notre Dame is an impressive program to say you have been apart of. We have only grown over the years, each year bringing with it more and more activities, allowing us to broaden our horizons before we depart for college. Now what exactly is the program? The Hesburgh Scholar Program is the honors or accelerated program here at Notre Dame. Its primary goal is to challenge its students each and every year with the most rigorous courses with the hopes of sending us to college with a couple credits already taken care of. We take pride in our name, being named after the late Father Theodore Hesburgh. We strive to use our knowledge and leadership skills to model our school better as well the community around us.

There are many perks to being apart of this renowned program for example, about a week ago we ventured out to Roselle, Illinois to check out the Sternberg Lighting manufacturing facility. I’m assuming the majority of you are not familiar with this company, as I was not. So, Sternberg Lighting is an employee owned business, which got its start in 1923 by its creator, Emil Sternberg. The company produces energy efficient street lights ranging from urban and contemporary to historical designs. These lights can be found across the nation in cities, towns, and even universities. It may seem odd for a plethora of high school students to visit a lighting company, but it turned out to be a success. There was an engineering aspect to the trip as well as a marketing aspect. Both those who are interested in the world of science left and those who wish to get involved with the business world left satisfied. It was the best of both worlds. It is not everyday that a high school student is given the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at a such an interesting company, so we made sure to take it all in.

Being a senior, my time is limited with my fellow Hesburgh Scholars, but something tells me that the underclassmen will only continue to make more and more trips like this one. I have had an enjoyable experience as a Hesburgh Scholar thus far and cannot see that changing in my remaining months. I strongly urge all underclassmen to make the most of your days and be as friendly as possible to your classmates because you’re going to be with them for the long haul. So the next time you see a Hesburgh Scholar say hello and treat them like a normal human being because trust me, we are.

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A Journey through the Life of a Hesburgh Scholar