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100-Hall Window Change

David Lescano and Anthony Morgan

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Throughout the school year there has been talk amongst the students about whether some of the windows will or will not be replaced in the 100 Hallway. Focus conducted a series of interviews with faculty members to find out exactly what is going on.

When interviewing Mrs. de Tagyos the Manager of Strategic Direction, Mrs. Curley the Managing Director of Institutional Advancement and Annual Fund, along with Mr. Tully the principal of Notre Dame, Focus was able to get the details on the window replacement.

When the question as to why the windows were being replaced came up, the answer was to replace the original windows that were put in place when the school opened in 1954. Replacement windows would be thicker-paned to insulate better in the winter, allowing the school to get central air conditioning and heating, an asset that many have wondered when we would receive; however any talks of windows being put in must depend on the timing and the funds the school has received for the project.

In terms of times for getting replacements, the students must understand that these will come in cycles depending on how much funding we get. The funding comes from any gifts or donations given to the school from an outside source, not from the walkathon fund. While most of the windows have been replaced moving us closer to the ultimate goal of central air and heating, there is a bit of lag time for those appliances. Since the window replacements depend on gifted funding and need to be installed on weekends or breaks to not disrupt the school, some of the classrooms that will receive new windows will lose their ability to use window-unit air conditioners. With the loss of valuable window units, classrooms rely on oscillating fans that aren’t on par with other methods of cooling.

While there are some minor inconveniences for some classrooms pertaining to the windows, in the long run, the positive outcomes outweigh any problems. Some major benefits that will branch off from this project down the road include: significant savings in heating bills, comfortable learning environment for students and teachers alike, and maintaining a reasonable tuition for families that eliminates the need to raise it in times of need. With the actual school building being the first priority when it comes to replacements, steps are being taken to ensure the comfort and efficiency for the students inside the school; once all the windows have been funded and replaced in the classroom building, then the business office staff building will receive new windows.

We also asked some of the faculty in the 100-hall for their thoughts on the window changes, the effects it may have, and any other changes they would like to see around the school.

Ms. Jarvis, Mr. Kanak, & Ms. Barton

  1. What are your thoughts on the window changes?
  2. Will this change affect you in a more positive or negative manner?
  3. Are there any other facility changes you would like to see?

Ms. Jarvis-     

  1. I think that the window change would be positive for the future, especially since the winter months are so cold. It would prevent drafts and keep us warmer, insulated. However once the windows get changed, the people on the courtside yard of the 100-wing will not have air conditioning. In the long run it’s a good investment.
  2. Overall a positive change.
  3. Central air would be the biggest change, new carpeting or simply remove it all together, maybe put febreeze or air fresheners around, maybe a Panera in the cafeteria, and an upgraded faculty lounge.

Mr. Kanak-

  1. I think they’re good and bad. Aesthetically, they need to match every other window. Of course on the downside I’d be losing one of the few air conditioners. I sweat alot so, I need to stay cool.
  2. It’s probably gonna be more negative since I’m a warm blooded individual. I’m gonna have sour grapes over losing an air conditioner. Overall, I’m fine with it since it’s better for the school.
  3. The obvious one would be central air and central heating, I would like to see a lounge for the seniors because I think they don’t really have a place to go and it would be a nice reward for them, kind of like a place to go.

Ms. Barton-

  1. The window change. I really have no thoughts on the change. The windows are old and cracked and I know some teachers have more light because of them. To have tinted windows will help. The paint is peeling. I think it’ll give the school a nice look and more cohesive with other windows. Insulation would be nice along with new curtains. I will miss my air conditioner but in the long run it will save energy to have more efficient windows.
  2. Taking away the air conditioners will be a negative change for them [the students], but otherwise I think tinted windows would help eliminate glare. It would be nice to have light without it be glaring to the students.
  3. I think the one change many want to see is central air, new curtains, and rugs in classrooms. I know they’re a little expensive, but there are many little things the school can do to make it look nicer. I know there are larger changes that need to be done, but there are little things that can be done to make it more inviting for the students.
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100-Hall Window Change